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Local Community and Moderator Guidelines

The AniSocial help page is a work-in-progress.

Everything written here may drastically change over time. Please check back on a regular basis to see if there are any changes to our policies and agreements. Thank you!

If you are looking for guidelines for content, please see our Content Policy

The Local Community and Moderator Guidelines (LCMG) are a set of guidelines regarding the creation and moderation of local communities. Local communities are communities located in AniSocial moderated by users of AniSocial or other federated instances. For guidelines on federated communities, refer to the Federation Policy.

The Local Community and Moderator Guidelines are as follows:

  1. All local communities must be related to anime or otaku culture. If you would like to create a community that is not related to anime or otaku culture, please consider using a different instance and federate with us.

  2. No community can override the AniSocial Terms and Policies. While communities can extend the rules and guidelines stated in the Terms and Policies, communities cannot exclude themselves from them.

  3. NSFW communities should properly label themselves as NSFW. NSFW communities that do not label themselves as NSFW will be tagged as NSFW by the administrators.

  4. Moderators must actively moderate their communities. Communities without active moderators will be locked until its moderators are active again or replaced via !requests. To learn more about requesting a community, see the Community Requests section below.

Where a community or a moderator fails to comply with the present guidelines, the administrators shall issue a warning. Should these warnings go unheeded, the community in question shall be locked or removed, and its moderators shall be removed or suspended. Should a warning prove insufficient to resolve the matter, the concerned community and its respective moderator(s) shall be removed and suspended accordingly.

Community Requests

Communities may be requested

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